Replacement for GMP

Peter Tanski p.tanski at
Wed Aug 2 16:46:44 EDT 2006

Hi Bulat,

>>>> the same binary that also wants to use GMP.  (Of course, we could
>>>> *copy*
>>>> GMP, changing all the function names.  That would eliminate the
>>>> problem!)
>>> isn't it rather easy task for some automated tool? i think that even
>>> existing tools may be found
>> I know copyrights are weak compared to patents but I do not think
> i proposed this is as solution for technical problem (inability to use
> GMP in ghc-compiled programs due to name reuse and inability to use
> ghc-specific GMP in user code), not as the way to avoid copyright
> problems :)

Ahem... my apologies for taking it out of context.  I took your  
comment (and Simon's) as copyright-related because I thought part of  
the problem with a single binary where foreign code used GHC's GMP  
was due to the integration of GMP's memory with the GHC RTS.  Indeed  
it shouldn't be too difficult to change the names of the functions in  


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