Replacement for GMP

Peter Tanski p.tanski at
Tue Aug 1 11:08:49 EDT 2006


In the July thread, (Repost) Replacement for GMP as Bignum: ARPREC?  
Haskell?; OS X and OpenSSL, you wrote:

> In past, I tried to get rid of GMP by replacing it with libtommath
> But I have given up for now - because of related and unrelated  
> problems.

Since I had no prior experience with LibTomMath I decided to take a  
look at it.  The most recent release version of LibTomMath seems to  
be 0.39.  Were some of the "related problems" you ran into due to  
bugs in an earlier version of LibTomMath?  Maybe it is premature for  
me to go looking at replacing Integer when GHC has already moved so  
far ahead of itself I have to service the source code just to get it  
to build on OS X, but I figure that while I have the hood up I might  
as well take a look at the rest of the engine...  If you have any old  
notes on the problems you encountered, I would greatly appreciate it.

-Pete Tanski

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