Problems building HEAD

Reilly Hayes rfh at
Sun Apr 30 23:37:27 EDT 2006

I'm trying to build head (latest try with ghc-6.5.20060429) for my  
macbook pro (Mac OS X intel) using hc files built on a x86 linux  
(Ubuntu Breezy Badger).  I have the following issues:

1) Issues with in head contains the following lines


	include $(TOP)/mk/
	include $(TOP)/mk/

	# Reset TOP

However, those files are not at those locations.  Looking back at  
6.4.2, it seems that they were in those locations in 6.4.2, but that  
changes in the directory structure mean that the line that sets top  
to $(TOP)/ghc is obsolete. is nowhere to be seen, nor is  It looks as if the variables set in this file are now  
set in and that is no longer required.  If  
that's true, I can replace all of the lines above with:

	include $(TOP)/mk/

2) Building the .hc files

The building guide says that I can build hc files on another host  
running on the same platform.  The word platform seems to be used to  
describe architecture in some places and architecture & O/S in  
others.  I have assumed that it means architecture in this case (if  
we already have a compiler that runs on the same Arch & OS, why are  
we porting).

What the building guide does not do is provide instructions for  
producing registerized hc files.  The recipe I have stumbled onto is  

	a) Create mk/ and add the following lines:

		GhcLibHcOpts = -O -fvia-C -keep-hc-files
		GhcRtsHcOpts = -keep-hc-files
		GhcStage1HcOpts = -O -fvia-C -keep-hc-files
		GhcStage2HcOpts = -O -fvia-C -keep-hc-files

	b) run "./configure"
	c) run "make"
	d) I want to run "make hc-file-bundle Project=ghc", but it complains
		about a few missing files.  So first I cd to rts and
		run "make AutoApply.hc AutoApply_p.hc AutoApply_thr.hc \
			AutoApply_thr_p.hc AutoApply_debug.hc AutoApply_thr_debug.hc"
	e) run "make hc-file-bundle Project=ghc", which works just fine.
	f) untar the resulting file in the parent directory of  
ghc-6.5.20060429 on the target machine

3) running the build.

I'm following the steps in distrib/hc-build by hand, which work out to:

	./configure --enable-hc-boot
	make -C utils boot all
	make -C ghc boot
	make -C libraries boot all GhcBootLibs=YES
	make -C ghc all

Is this all correct?  I'm having problems with the build in utils,  
but by then I've already made enough assumptions about how to fix the  
build that there's little point in asking the question until I've  
verified that I haven't messed things up upstream.

Reilly Hayes

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