ANNOUNCE: GHC vesrion 6.4.2

Isaac Jones ijones at
Sun Apr 30 00:25:48 EDT 2006

Some more bad news...

The Cabal hooks interface from 6.4.2 is pretty different from the
current darcs head.  The differences were to make things more
consistent and less likely to change in the future.  I can't see
really going back to the version that's in 6.4.2.  I fear that'll make
the problem worse in the long run.

So for clarity, the problem with this difference is that folks who
rely on the hooks may have trouble building their Setup files due to
different interfaces between cabal versions.

So having a version of GHC with a different cabal hooks interface from
future versions will be a problem.  But IMO using that interface in
the long run will be a bigger problem, since it's not a particularly
good interface.

My inclination is to just go ahead and change it for 1.1.5 and
greater... this will cause some pain for those who rely on the GHC
6.4.2 version of the interface (which we're calling cabal 1.1.4), but
hopefully it won't be a huge number of packages.




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