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Mon Apr 24 15:32:08 EDT 2006

I'm afraid that RULES are applied *after* type checking and dictionary
construction.  Recall that freeze has type

  freeze :: (Ix i, MArray a e m, IArray b e) => a i e -> m (b i e)

Your original RULE gives 

    Could not deduce (Unboxed e, HasDefaultValue e)
      from the context (IArray UArray e, MArray IOUArray e IO, Ix i)
      arising from use of `freezeIOUArray' at Foo.hs:16:28-41
    Probable fix: add (Unboxed e, HasDefaultValue e) to the tcRule
    When checking the transformation rule "freeze/IOUArray"

Why?  Because you are trying to rewrite an application
	freeze dix dma dia  --->  freezeIOUArray dunb dhas

where dix, dma, dia are dictionaries of type Ix I, MArray IOUArray e m,
and IArray b e, respectively.  To do the rewrite we need to manufacture
dictionaries dunb::Unboxed e and dhas::HasDefaultValue e, respectively.
How can we make the latter from the former?  We can't.

Hence the error message.

Your "working" version will generate a rewrite like this:

	freeze dix dma dia (x dunb dhas) --->  freezeIOUArray dunb dhas

(use -ddump-rules to see the rule that GHC generates).  This is a fine
rule, but it is most unlikely to match any actual terms!

I don't know an easy to way to do what you want.  Because you really do
need to come up with new dictionaries, and that changes the types.


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| Hello GHC,
| i has the following function:
| freezeIOUArray :: (Unboxed e, HasDefaultValue e, Ix i) => IOUArray i e
-> IO (UArray i e)
| when i try to use rule:
| {-# RULES
| "freeze/IOUArray" freeze = freezeIOUArray
|     #-}
| the compiler barks. i found the way that compiled:
| {-# RULES
| "freeze/IOUArray" forall (x :: (forall s e i . (Unboxed e,
HasDefaultValue e) => IOUArray i e)) . freeze
| x = freezeIOUArray x
|     #-}
| but is this rule really works? SPJ once mentioned that type checking
| is just impossible in current rules usage implementation
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