ANNOUNCE: GHC vesrion 6.4.2

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Mon Apr 24 06:50:04 EDT 2006

Cheers Simon, thanks for looking at this.

On Mon, 2006-04-24 at 10:43 +0100, Simon Marlow wrote:
> Duncan Coutts wrote:
> > I'm concerned that there are many different versions of Cabal "1.1.4".
> > The version that GHC 6.4.2 is now shipping is actually a very old
> > version of Cabal 1.1.4.
> Sorry, this is my fault: I just copied the CVS version of Cabal into 
> 6.4.2, and didn't bump the version on the mainline at the same time.
> I've now bumped the mainline Cabal to 1.1.5, and I've tagged the version 
> in 6.4.2 with the tag "shipped in GHC 6.4.2".  That version is circa Jan 
> 15, 2006.  I didn't copy Cabal/test in 6.4.2, so you will see some 
> differences in there if you 'diff -cr', BTW.


> So we have a deadzone between Jan 15 and now (last commit was Apr 11) 
> where the mainline code claimed to be 1.1.4 and exposed various 
> different APIs from the one shipped in 6.4.2.  But there were no actual 
> releases of that code, fortunately.
> The right way to proceed, I think, is to claim that the Cabal shipped in 
> 6.4.2 *is* 1.1.4. 

That seems quite a reasonable way to proceed. The version shipped with
GHC will have a wider user base and the people who downloaded the 1.1.4
version from the Cabal darcs repo knew it was a dev version.

>  Isaac; is that ok with you?  Can you put up a tarball 
> of that tag for the Gentoo guys to use?

That'd be great.

> > Is there anything we can do for the next release of GHC/Cabal so that we
> > don't end up with this mess?
> Yes, I should coordinate with Isaac more closely next time, and we 
> should coincide the GHC release with a Cabal release.  Either that, or 
> GHC should be using a branch of the Cabal repository that corresponds to 
> a recent stable version.

Ok Great.

Thanks again.


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