Serious bug with ghc & FC5

Alain Cremieux alcremi at
Thu Apr 13 14:18:38 EDT 2006

(resent after being indefinitely held in fedora-haskell validation queue)


1) I have installed FC5 on 2 different machines.  On my Athlon1800+
everything works perfectly.
My other machine is a Pentium IV with hyperthreading, considered by
Linux as SMP (x86 32). This is where problems occur

2) I have installed GHC-6.4.1 from Fedora Extras
When I compile 'Omega' with it, Omega (which has a read-eval system)
produces a 'mallocBytesRWX: failed to protect 0x' message

I have compiled ghc-6.5... from the head. Compiled with GHC-6.4.1, I get
the 'mallocBytesRWX...' message when I run 'ghci'

3) I have then patched 'RtsUtils.c' to suppress the
'barf("mallocBytesRWX...', and rerun- the compilation of ghc-6.5...
'Omega' compiled with the resulting ghc-6.5 works OK. ghci still
produces the 'malloc...' error

4) When I compile ghc-6.5... with my patched ghc-6.5..., ghci does not
produce the 'mallocBytesRWX' error (which is logical), but in some cases
creates a 'segfault'

So obviously the ghc-6.4.1 rpm is incorrect, as is the source ghc HEAD
version. Probably an incorrect #ifdef here :
#elif defined(openbsd_HOST_OS) || defined(linux_HOST_OS) ||
on a Pentium IV machine.

And there is probably something else somewhere.


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