ghc 6.4.1 web page

Iavor Diatchki iavor.diatchki at
Fri Sep 23 14:33:17 EDT 2005

It appears that the instructions on the GHC 6.4.1 page for downloading
and installing debian packages are incorrect (see bellow).

On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 11:00:39AM -0700, Iavor Diatchki wrote:
> Hello,
> The GHC 6.4.1 download page
> ( seems to
> indicate that there is a debian package for GHC 6.4.1.   However, I
> seem to only be able to find a package for GHC 6.4.  Where can I get
> the 6.4.1 package?

It's only in Haskell Unsafe at the moment:


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