profile not showing it all?

Bulat Ziganshin bulatz at
Fri Sep 9 11:55:43 EDT 2005

Hello Niels,

Friday, September 09, 2005, 6:58:13 PM, you wrote:

N> running the profilingbinary (that was compiled with -prof -auto-all)
N> with the -c option resulted in;

N> top: showing a max of 161mb memory usage
N> profiled-graph: showing a peak at a little more than 80mb

N> i guess these results are more or less normal?

compile the program with profiling disabled and check it with `top`

N> It does however mean that
N> my datastructures are pretty harsh on the garbage collector, doesnt it?

sorry, i don't understand your question, my english is poor enough. i
can recommend you to check memory usage of program without profiling
code with and without "+RTS -c" and compare it to memory typically
available when you run your program. if larger value (memory
requirements when using "copying" GC algorithm, used by default) are
larger than memory available then you can go much faster by adding
"+RTS -c" to cmdline (this can be also incorporated to executable
itself). you can father speed up your program by incorporating
conditional selection of GC algorithm (see my previous message)

btw, you can see memory usage of program with "-s", "-S" or "-t" RTS
options (see details in ghc docs) - it may be more convenient than using `top`

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