VHS plugin bug

Adam Molnar ed at lamer.hu
Mon Sep 5 08:52:32 EDT 2005


I don't know whether this project is still maintained, but I hope so. :-)
There seems to be a really annoying bug in the VHS plugin v0.1 
(http://www.cin.ufpe.br/~haskell/vhs/download.html) that can be reproduced 
in VS.Net 2003 under Windows XP Pro SP2 in the following steps:

1) create a new Haskell App-project:

module Main where

main :: IO ()
main = return()

2) create 2 function signatures:

module Main where

f :: Int -> Int
g :: Int -> Int -- *** at this point the devenv crashes, or after inserting 
a new line after "f :: Int -> Int"
main :: IO ()
main = return()

Please note that turning off "Auto list options" and "Parameter Information" 
didn't solve the problem.


Also, there seems to be some resource-leak in the plugin, because after 
closing the devenv stays in memory and can only be shut down using the 


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