GHC-6.4.1 on FreeBSD-amd64 port progress

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Thu Oct 27 05:43:58 EDT 2005

On 26 October 2005 19:58, Wilhelm B. Kloke wrote:

> Simon Marlow <simonmar at> schrieb:
>> On 25 October 2005 10:01, Wilhelm B. Kloke wrote:
>> Try with splitting off: set SplitObjs=NO in your mk/
> Done with success. I just used the compiler to install darcs.
> I am able to make the unregisterised .hc-bundle available on the net
> for other users wanting to install ghc on freebsd-amd64.
> Or is ist better to generate a new registerised .hc-bundle?

A binary distribution would be best.  You can build one as follows:

  - add BIN_DIST=1 to mk/
  - make clean; make
  - make binary-dist Project=Ghc
  - tar cvzf ghc-6.4.1-x86_64-unknown-freebsd.tar.gz ghc-*

the unreg & reg hc-bundles are also useful.


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