Default name of target executable

Christian Maeder maeder at
Mon Oct 10 06:11:15 EDT 2005

Tomasz Zielonka wrote:
> When I work on a program which is going to be named LongProgramName,
> I usually put the Main module in file LongProgramName.hs. It would be nice
> if I could build it with --make like this:
> $ ghc --make LongProgramName

> instead of
> $ ghc --make LongProgramName -o LongProgramName

My convention is to use a file name starting with a lower case letter 
(to avoid confusion with normal modules) and "hmake" is able to make the 
corresponding binary (using ghc).

> Does anyone rely on the first one producing a.out?

I don't or maybe only to "find" binaries that should be deleted.

> Because of this long syntax and comand-line completion I've even once
> lost the source code. I forgot to remove the .hs at the end of line:

I'ld appreciate if ghc would make a binary corresponding to the 
top-level file name (irregardless of the danger of overwriting files)


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