Problems with 6.x compilers

Michael Marte marte at
Wed Nov 23 10:52:27 EST 2005


On Wed, 23 Nov 2005, Simon Marlow wrote:

> On 22 November 2005 17:18, Michael Marte wrote:
> > I am having some annoying problems with the 6.x compilers:
> > 
> > 6.4 and 6.4.1: When repeating a build (with ghc --make) all modules
> >     are rebuild even if nothing has changed. With earlier compilers,
> >     only linking takes place in this setting. Can I change this
> >     behaviour? I cannot develop this way.
> Should not happen, if it does there is a bug.  Can you tell us how to
> repeat the behaviour you're seeing?  We aren't seeing any unecessary
> recompilation here.

Like Wolfram Kahl, I am using -ddump-minimal-imports.
I cannot check whether the use of this option causes the problem, because 
I returned to 6.2 already to continue porting my project from ghc 5. 

> > 6.2 and up: The object file is named after the module, not after the
> >     source file as in 5.04. As there are several main modules in my
> >     project, each in its own source file, all I get is a big mess. Any
> >     suggestions?
> The object file is named after the source file, unless you use -odir.
> The behaviour is clearly specified in the user's guide:
> tion.html#output-files
> the behaviour has been through several revisions before we arrived at
> this, and I'm not keen to change it.
> You can have several Main modules in the same directory if you don't use
> -odir.  If you do use -odir, then you need to use a different value for
> -odir for each different program.  Alternatively use -main-is, as Bulat
> suggested (actually this is better, IMO).

I followed the suggestion of Bulat: I renamed the modules and used 

Thanks everybody!

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