Problems with 6.x compilers

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Wed Nov 23 06:37:56 EST 2005

On 22 November 2005 17:18, Michael Marte wrote:

> I am having some annoying problems with the 6.x compilers:
> 6.4 and 6.4.1: When repeating a build (with ghc --make) all modules
>     are rebuild even if nothing has changed. With earlier compilers,
>     only linking takes place in this setting. Can I change this
>     behaviour? I cannot develop this way.

Should not happen, if it does there is a bug.  Can you tell us how to
repeat the behaviour you're seeing?  We aren't seeing any unecessary
recompilation here.

> 6.2 and up: The object file is named after the module, not after the
>     source file as in 5.04. As there are several main modules in my
>     project, each in its own source file, all I get is a big mess. Any
>     suggestions?

The object file is named after the source file, unless you use -odir.
The behaviour is clearly specified in the user's guide:

the behaviour has been through several revisions before we arrived at
this, and I'm not keen to change it.

You can have several Main modules in the same directory if you don't use
-odir.  If you do use -odir, then you need to use a different value for
-odir for each different program.  Alternatively use -main-is, as Bulat
suggested (actually this is better, IMO).


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