Patch: Add support for using --mk-dll with --make

Esa Ilari Vuokko eivuokko at
Mon Nov 21 17:03:13 EST 2005


Attached small simple patch that allows using --mk-dll with --make.
Behaviour before patch was to link .exe instead .dll, as batchmode
simply called staticLink - now doMkDLL is called instead.

* Add support for using --mk-dll with --make

I changed documentation a bit, and moved --mk-dll from 4.17.3
"Alternative modes of operation" into 4.17.21 "Linking options."
This documentation change isn't tested, as I don't have necessary
tools installed on my machine.  But it *seems* harmless (and
I think, more intuitive.)  Due to lack of tools, and because there's
little to say, I didn't touch 11.5. "Building and using Win32 DLLs."

Patch should apply cleanly on cvs HEAD with patch -p0 under
fptools.  Any comments are welcome.

Thanks in advance,
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