Compiling GHC in Windows, Mingw

Esa Ilari Vuokko eivuokko at
Thu Nov 17 01:15:07 EST 2005


I tried to compile ghc from cvs head in windows, hosting and
targetting mingw.  When I got  ghc to compile, it crashes while
parsing (I putStrLn-debugged) package.conf, but only from installed

Basically, somewhere inside ParsePkgConf.loadPackageConfig GHC crashes
with access violation.  With very few test runs, it appears that
simplifying the file helps, but only case I got it not to crash was
one package in file, rts, and empty ldOptions.

Maybe I went wrong somewhere, any pointers appreciated!

What I did:
Current msys, msysdtk, binutils, win32api, gcc-core.
cvs checkout fpconfig and in there ghc, libraries, alex and happy
 ./configure --host=i386-unknown-mingw32
make install

(I had to change some things, as described on mail to bugs-list, so
few repeated make's)

I will try clean rebuild later, but I feel doubtful.

Best regards,

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