Proposal: Improved error message of "Error in array index"

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Wed Nov 9 05:17:34 EST 2005

On 08 November 2005 14:44, Malcolm Wallace wrote:

> Whilst we are wishing for language features, I wonder if anyone
> else would be interested in being able to export/import such cpp
> macros using the normal Haskell module mechanism?  At the moment,
> it is ugly that you need to either #include or #define your macros
> separately in every module where you use them.  But if the cpp phase
> were integrated more tightly into the compiler, it could be possible
> to treat macros almost like ordinary function definitions.


I disagree most strongly.  CPP is a well-defined preprocessing stage, it
is easily understood by virtue of being separate from Haskell.  I don't
even want to start thinking about what happens if you merge the CPP and
Haskell namespaces... ugh!

I guess we have a different idea of what's "ugly" :)


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