jhc vs ghc and the surprising result involving ghc generatedassembly.

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Wed Nov 2 12:05:23 EST 2005

>> Is it correct that you use indirect gotos across functions?  Such
>> gotos aren't supported by GCC and work only by accident.
> Even direct gotos aren't universally supported. Some info
> in Fergus Henderson's paper may be of interest
> http://felix.sourceforge.net/papers/mercury_to_c.ps

This paper seems to be from 1995 or so:

%DVIPSSource:  TeX output 1995.11.29:1656

(Why is it so uncommon to put the publication date on the first page?)

GCC's IL has changed significantly since then; it's not clear if it
still applies.

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