error in your article? about meaning of safe/unsafe in "foreign import"

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Fri May 20 07:08:03 EDT 2005

Hello Peter,

Friday, May 20, 2005, 1:30:08 PM, you wrote:

PS> just for the record, it's not my article. Although I have the
PS> privilege of sharing a somewhat similar name with the geniuses
PS> around here, I didn't have any part in that text. ;-)

i answered your letter but wrote to Simon PJ

PS> Since pure FFI calls don't have any side-effects, they are
PS> always safe to be called unsafely.

sorry, but even pure C function can call back to Haskell world and
lead to GC. so the meaning of "IO" and "unsafe" are completely
orthogonal. moreover, 90% of called C fucntions will not call back to
Haskell, whether they in IO monad or not

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