Can't compile GHC

Peter Simons simons at
Mon May 9 10:53:34 EDT 2005

Daniel Carrera writes:

 > It's not often that it takes me more than a week to
 > compile a program.

You should have posted a short message to the list, asking
whether anyone happened to have a tar.gz archive with
Solaris binaries lying around that he can send you. I'm
willing to bet that would have been a lot faster than trying
to bootstrap the software yourself for a _week_, because the
"you need GHC to compile GHC" problem virtually ceases to
exist once you _have_ GHC.

 > At this point I decide that I'll teach people Python
 > instead of Haskell. I don't particularly like Python, but
 > hey, it works.

Why don't you use the NHC98 compiler you had already
running? Or Hugs98, which is self-contained?

I think it's a shame that your students don't get the chance
to learn a purely functional language just because the GHC
team doesn't have a volunteer to provide Solaris binaries.
Hint, hint. ;-)


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