Problem starting GHC 6.4 on windows 98

J L Russell j.russell at
Fri Mar 18 23:26:41 EST 2005

When trying to run GHC 6.4 (from the installer) on Windows 98,
I get the following error message:
"The GHC.EXE file is linked to missing export SHELL32.DLL:SHGetFolderPathA"

>From what I've been able to determine,
on Windows version prior to Windows 2000, this function was instead exported
from shfolder.dll, which is retained in later versions of Windows for
backward compatibility,
and on newer version of Windows, simply calls the version in shell32.dll.

So it looks to me like GHC 6.4 from the installer won't be able to run on
Windows 98 unless the
executable in the installer is updated to link this function from
shfolder.dll instead.


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