cpphs (was Re: Haskell on Red Hat Enterprise...)

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 18 05:52:56 EST 2005

On 17 March 2005 23:03, Andy Moran wrote:

> Malcolm Wallace wrote:
>> Andy Moran <moran at galois.com> writes:
>>> I notice that cpphs understands CPP stringification (if invoked with
>>> --hashes). Most of the gcc 3.4 failures (in fact, all of that I've
>>> seen) have to do with fooling -traditional into turning macro
>>> constants into Haskell strings, which can more readily be done with
>>> the #-operator. So, would using cpphs mean we could do away with
>>> the string gap hack? 
>> Without seeing the examples in question, I can't say for definite,
>> but cpphs /does/ preserve string gaps in source code in all cases.
> Here's an example, from 6.2.1's ghc/utils/ghc-pkg/Main.hs:
> -- hackery to convice cpp to splice GHC_PKG_VERSION into a string
> version :: String
> version = tail "\
> HEAD uses a Makefile-generated Version.hs instead. Simon M.: are all
> instances of the above trick replaced by analogues of this much neater
> mechanism?

Yes, I fixed all these in 6.2.2 or thereabouts.


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