Updates for Mac OS X users using Darwinports

Gregory Wright gwright at comcast.net
Thu Mar 17 17:48:15 EST 2005


Users of Mac OS X/Darwinports will find new portfiles for

	ghc (ghc-6.4),
	nhc98 (nhc-1.18) and
	hugs98 (March 2005 release).

The hmake port has been bumped to version 3.10 and a new
port of cpphs (version 0.9) has been added.

The darwinports system builds from source, although progress
is being made on extending it to provide binary packages as well.

A new ghc-devel port will be available soon for those who want to
live on the bleeding edge.

Thanks to Malcolm Wallace for ironing out some last minute issues
with nhc98.

Best Wishes,

Gregory Wright

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