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In the attachment you will find a file, in which I try to access Java from
Haskell using the Java bridge for functional languages.

For details see


When I try to compile the attached file using

ghc +RTS -c -RTS -package javavm  -c EigenvalueCalculatorHaskell.hs -o

I get the error

EigenvalueCalculatorHaskell.hs:28: parse error on input `putStrLn'

Unfortunately, I have not the slightest idea about how to fix/isolate it (I
already commented out almost the whole code).

Please tell me what I could try to correct the error. I appreciate ANY hint.

Many thanks in advance

Dmitri Pissarenko

PS: The source code of the files related to EigenvalueCalculatorHaskell.hs is
located at

Dmitri Pissarenko
Software Engineer
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