alpha problems with ghc 6.4

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Tue Mar 15 23:14:11 EST 2005


An alpha build of ghc 6.4 quickly fails because of the

#if alpha_TARGET_ARCH
import PrimRep      ( getPrimRepSize, isFloatingRep )
import Type     ( typePrimRep )

in ghc/compiler/typecheck/TcForeign.lhs which no longer exist.
Fortunately, the imported functions aren't used either.

Unfortunately, the build then fails when it comes to try to compile this
same file as the typeMachRepRep function, used in this piece of code:

#include "nativeGen/NCG.h"
#if alpha_TARGET_ARCH
checkFEDArgs arg_tys
  = check (integral_args <= 32) err
    integral_args = sum [ machRepByteWidth rep
            | (rep,hint) <- map typeMachRepRep arg_tys,
              hint /= FloatHint ]
    err = ptext SLIT("On Alpha, I can only handle 4 non-floating-point arguments to foreign export dynamic")
checkFEDArgs arg_tys = returnM ()

doesn't exist. Is this fixable?


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