Restricted Types and Infinite Loops

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Thu Mar 10 04:28:10 EST 2005

Simon: as I mentioned yesterday, I think I've fixed your infinite-loop
If you can build GHC from source, or use last night's snapshot build,
you could see
if you agree that it's fixed.  


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| On Fri, 2005-02-18 at 02:18 +0100, Ralf Laemmel wrote:
| > Here I assume that you don't _really_ depend on ClassB to be a
| > superclass of ClassA. (Why would you?)
| Ok, here's what the real class head is (or was before I butchered it
| make it work);
| class (Data (DictXMLData h) a, XMLNamespace a) => XMLData h a where
| We want to do this so that it is unnecessary to store XML Namespaces
| the XMLData instances (which is supposed to be for only encoding).
| are two reasons why this is necessary;
| * 1 - We have another class XSDType a, which gives types an XSD Type.
| This also depends on the types having a namespace. If we don't have
| class dependency, we end up with repeated data.
| * 2 - In various contexts, you will require a different namespace for
| particular element, but the same encoder. For example, when creating a
| SOAP Envelope, the "int" data-type could have the SOAP Encoding
| namespace or it could have the XSD Namespace. Further it may not have
| namespace at all, in which case the default instance (XMLNamespace a)
| will take over. By taking the dependency out you bind a particular
| namespace to an encoder.
| For now, the various encoders for XSD data-types are in the XSD
| this means that any user that wants to encode an int or string must
| import the XSD module, since we can't centralise the encoder.
| > This is a simpler recursion scheme in terrms of class/instance
| Maybe, but sadly it doesn't achieve my goal. I could do Namespaces via
| hook, but that makes the construction and encoding of namespace tables
| almost impossible.
| Thanks,
| -Si.
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