6.4 snapshot installer available

Mike Thomas mthomas at gil.com.au
Thu Mar 3 01:28:42 EST 2005

Hi Sigbjorn.

I wrote:

 > I built CVS head GHC with this package and mucked around a little 
bit.  > The
 > only problem I've come across so far is that an objectio library 
 > I have crashes on take-off when built with this compiler (not 
necessarily to
 > do with objectio of course).  It does not crash with GHC 6.2.1


It turns out that I missed a blatantly obvious error message which 6.2.1 
did not give:

Starting program: c:\data\source\ghc\grass/./objectio/geo.exe
grass/./objectio/geo.exe: main.hs:23:8-70: Irrefutable pattern failed 
for patter
n [fileMenuID, mapMenuID, grassDBMenuID]

after I shortened a list of ids.

Luckily this afternoon I took delivery of a pair of reading glasses 
which will hopefully help me to avoid such errors in future.  Thumbs up 
for that installer.


Mike Thomas.

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