GHC 6.4 release candidates available

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Wed Mar 2 06:08:22 EST 2005

On 01 March 2005 22:34, Ian Lynagh wrote:

> The following files in the tarball look like they shouldn't be there
> (and should be cleaned by at least distclean):
> * ghc/includes/mkGHCConstants (an x86 ELF binary)
> * ghc/driver/package.conf.inplace.old
> * ghc/driver/package.conf.old
> * A large number of ld.script files and the _split directories they
> are in 
> * libraries/{OpenAL,X11,base,network,unix}/config.status
> * libraries/config.status

These are all fixed now, and a few more besides.

> After building, then doing make distclean, I'm additionally left with:
> * A ghc/compiler/stage1 directory tree including a number of
>   .hi-boot-5 and .hi-boot-6 files.
> * A ghc/compiler/stage2 directory tree including a number of
>   .hi-noot and .o-boot files.
> * A complete libraries/html directory
> * libraries/libraries.txt
> * mk/config.h
> * mk/
> * mk/stamp-h

Mostly fixed.  I'm testing the ghc/compiler/stage{1,2,3} cleaning now.

mk/ is a slight problem: we need to be able to 'make dist' at
the top level after doing make distclean, but the top level makefile
needs to include mk/

> I think you have unswapped the first two lines of
> "ghc -v 2>&1 | head -2" but not changed "Reading" back to "Using", so
> old hmakes are still broken (old includes the latest release, I
> believe).

Grumble.  Ok, I'll change it to "Using".

> Is there an equivalent of this (the no-OpenGL bit):
>     $(MAKE) prefix=`pwd`/debian/tmp/usr install GhcLibsWithOpenGL=NO
> GhcLibsWithGLUT=NO 
> that still works or do I have to do it by hand?

Sorry, those flags have gone away.  You'll have to use a local patch to
libraries/Makefile (just comment out the appropriate SUBDIRS).


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