GHC 6.4 release candidates available

Benjamin Franksen benjamin.franksen at
Tue Mar 1 21:10:17 EST 2005

I haven't followed this thread too closely so please excuse me if this has 
already been mentioned (or even fixed).

After I installed the latest binary package (20050228) the documentation was 
not correctly linked from the main documentation page. 'Hierarchical 
Libraries' on the main page points 
to /usr/local/share/ghc-6.4.20050228/html/libraries/index.html, but in this 
directory there is no index.html, only subdirectories. The link named 'Cabal' 
is also dead: file:/usr/local/share/ghc-6.4.20050228/html/Cabal/index.html 
does not exist).

This is clearly non-critical, but it would be nice if it could be fixed in the 
final version.


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