ghci - relocation error : libreadline

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Wed Jun 29 10:00:24 EDT 2005

On 29 June 2005 14:35, alexandre wrote:

> Simon Marlow wrote:
>  >My guess is that is depending on a later (or
>  earlier?) >version of libc than the one you have.
> Ok. Then i would need 2 versions of readline and 2 versions of libc
> on my system... i'm afraid it's too complex for me to achieve this.
> So i will uninstall readline 5, read the bootstrapping section of the
> "building from source" document and try to compile GHC myself.

You might find that an earlier version of GHC will work on your system,
in which case you can use that to compile up version 6.4.  This is much
easier than bootstrapping.


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