unsafeness of unsafeInterleaveIO

Remi Turk rturk at science.uva.nl
Fri Jun 10 14:16:10 EDT 2005

On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 07:32:42PM +0200, Lennart Augustsson wrote:
> Andre Pang wrote:
> >G'day all,
> >
> >Just looking at the documentation for System.IO.unsafeInterleaveIO,  
> >what exactly is unsafe about it?
> You pick. :)
> It can break referential transparency.  It can break type safety.
> 	-- Lennart

Are you sure you're not talking about unsafePerformIO?

System.IO.Unsafe.unsafePerformIO    :: IO a -> a
System.IO.Unsafe.unsafeInterleaveIO :: IO a -> IO a

As far as I know unsafeInterleaveIO in general isn't any unsafer
than it's "special cases" getContents / hGetContents / readFile /
getChanContents.  Although fighting lazy IO might occasionally
drive someone mad, which could arguably be called "unsafe".


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