ANN: Wash for GHC 6.4, Cabalized

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Mon Jun 6 15:17:08 EDT 2005


I have made an, as far as I can tell, working copy of WASH for GHC 6.4.
You can get it with:

darcs get

Here are the basic things I did:

 * Applied the GHC 6.4 compatibility patch I found on one of these lists

 * Converted the build system to use Cabal.  auto* is GONE.

 * Due to a limitation of Cabal, build only one package named WASH.

The default Wash, even with the above compatibility patch, doesn't
actually let me build programs that use it correctly.  This one seems to
work for me.

Also, I have noted this in the README, but I couldn't figure out a way
to run wash2hs automatically.  You'll need to add -F -pgmF wash2hs in
the GHC options for any file that needs wash2hs treatment.

Problems?  Please darcs send me patches.


-- John

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