Int64 and efficiency

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Mon Jun 6 07:43:48 EDT 2005


Recently, Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk posted a micro-benchmark on
comp.lang.functional, illustrating performance with statically typed
Int and Integer, and Kogut's dynamically typed automatically-promoted
numbers.   (Int is fastest, Kogut second, and Integer quite a bit

For fun, I tried to use Int64, but to my surprise it is a lot slower
than the others.  Marcin suggested I look at stg and hc output (which
I did without getting much wiser) and made some guesses as to what the
reasons were.

I'm curious whether this is typical, and if so, whether there is a
theoretical reason why Int64 is so slow?  (I would have expected a
factor of 2-4 worse than Int, but in reality it was about 35x slower)

(Code attached, replace MyInt as appropriate.)


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module Main where

import Data.Int

type MyInt = Int  -- or Int64 or Integer

seqLength :: MyInt -> Int
seqLength x = loop x 0
    loop :: MyInt -> Int -> Int
    loop 1 len = len
    loop k len
      | even k    = loop (k `quot` 2) $! len + 1
      | otherwise = loop (3 * k + 1) $! len + 1

main :: IO ()
main = print $ sum $ map seqLength [1..100000]
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