Set, Map libraries

Adrian Hey ahey at
Fri Jun 3 16:47:48 EDT 2005

On Thursday 02 Jun 2005 10:18 am, Jean-Philippe Bernardy wrote:
> The definition of the Set datatype being
> data Set a    = Tip
>               | Bin {-# UNPACK #-} !Size a !(Set a) !(Set a)
> type Size     = Int
> It seems your're out of luck when it comes to very large sets.
> Also, since the structure is strict, it makes little sense to support
> 4-million-element sets.

I'd be interested to know why you say that. What would you use instead
if you needed 4-million-element sets?

The AVL trees in my implementation are strict and perfectly capable
of supporting such sets. Same should be true of Data.Set too AFAICS.

Adrian Hey  

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