.depend in base package

Krasimir Angelov kr.angelov at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 03:21:40 EDT 2005

Hello, Guys

I just tried to update and build my CVS tree, but the compilation
failed for base package. In the 'make boot' the .depend file is
created but it contains only the C part. The compiler is invoked as
normal and there isn't any error. The compilation is failing latter
when it tries to build Control.Arrow before Prelude. Do you have any
idea what is going wrong? It was working when I tried it last time.


# DO NOT DELETE: Beginning of C dependencies
System/CPUTime_hsc.o System/CPUTime_hsc.p_o: System/CPUTime_hsc.c
System/Time_hsc.o System/Time_hsc.p_o: System/Time_hsc.c
Text/Regex/Posix_hsc.o Text/Regex/Posix_hsc.p_o: Text/Regex/Posix_hsc.c
# DO NOT DELETE: End of C dependencies
# DO NOT DELETE: Beginning of Haskell dependencies
# DO NOT DELETE: End of Haskell dependencies

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