make html

Brian Smith brianlsmith at
Wed Jun 1 11:55:51 EDT 2005


On 6/1/05, Serge D. Mechveliani <mechvel at> wrote:
> Dear GHC supporters,
> rm -f -rf users_guide/
> stringparam base.dir users_guide/ \
>             --stringparam 1 \
>             --stringparam html.stylesheet fptools.css \
>             --stringparam toc.section.depth 3 --stringparam section.autolabel 1
> --stringparam section.label.includes.component.label 1   \
>             /html/chunk.xsl users_guide.xml
> make[3]: stringparam: Command not found

This means that ./configure could not find xsltproc; The command is
supposed to be "/path/to/xsltproc --stringparam..." but the variable
that holds the path to xsltproc is empty. Make sure that you have
libxslt on your system, in a location where ./configure can find it.

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