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Serge D. Mechveliani mechvel at
Wed Jun 1 06:33:33 EDT 2005

Dear GHC supporters,

I have made  ghc-6.4  from source by binary itself
(Linux, Debian 3.1):

  cd ghc/6.4/ghc-6.4/
  ./configure --prefix=foo
  make install

But it is so hard to obtain documentation! I tried    make html
(in the same directory). It reports 

===fptools== Recursively making `html' in glafp-utils ghc libraries hslibs 
PWD = /home/mechvel/ghc/6.4/ghc-6.4
rm -f -rf users_guide/
stringparam base.dir users_guide/ \
            --stringparam 1 \
            --stringparam html.stylesheet fptools.css \
            --stringparam toc.section.depth 3 --stringparam section.autolabel 1
--stringparam section.label.includes.component.label 1   \
            /html/chunk.xsl users_guide.xml
make[3]: stringparam: Command not found

The user has managed to make GHC: a big deal. And now has problems with making docs.
This looks strange.
Why not provide, say, a couple of ready  .ps  files for user guide and library guide?  
And if it is .html, let them be ready .html files.

With kind regards,

Serge Mechveliani
mechvel at

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