Performance week 25/6-29/6

Ketil Malde ketil+haskell at
Mon Jul 25 05:06:35 EDT 2005

"Simon Marlow" <simonmar at> writes:

> We're interested in performance issues with both GHC itself and
> GHC-compiled code.

I can think of a couple of things.

One is the performance of Int64 (which unsurprisingly is inferior to
Int(32) but more surprisingly, also to Integer).  I've reported it
previously, but can dig it up again, if desired.

The other is probably not as relevant, but I'll mention it anyway.  I
occasionally use rather large arrays, and UArrays can save a
considerable amount of space.  Sometimes, however, I want to store
more complex structures than those UArrays are provided for.  It seems
to me that what I really want are *strict* arrays (which the compiler
then can unbox automatically), and that these could be provided for
any (single constructor) data type? 

In general, I find that the speed of GHC-compiled programs is
quite adequate, but that space consumption sometimes is excessive.

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