Problem building GHC

Dinko Tenev dinko.tenev at
Tue Jul 19 07:46:06 EDT 2005

On 7/19/05, Simon Marlow <simonmar at> wrote:
> I think there's a difference of philosophy here: overriding options is
> considered normal usage on the GHC command line.  We expect to be able
> to do things like "make EXTRA_HC_OPTS=-Onot" to turn off optimisation,
> for example - we don't want this usage to generate a warning for every
> compilation.
> Every flag you specify on the command line is in effect overriding the
> default.  We often override global defaults by putting pragmas in source
> files.  e.g. you wouldn't want a warning for putting {-# OPTIONS
> -fno-warn-overlapping-patterns #-} in a source file, despite the fact
> that this overrides -Wall on the command line.
> I think there's a case for warnings in some cases (e.g. -keep-hc-files
> vs. -fasm might warrant a warning), but not in general.

I see.  How about some verbosity level option then, to force GHC to
report the overrides?



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