GHC 6.4 release candidates available (breakage on x86-64)

Wolfgang Thaller wolfgang.thaller at
Sat Feb 26 00:48:30 EST 2005

>> [...]
>> warning: don't know how to split object files on this architecture
>> [...]

> Wolfgang, Ryan - that looks like a splitter problem, no?

Definitely. Looks like there is no splitter for x86-64. SplitObjs=NO is 
definitely required.

> (The splitter is more of a dark art than the evil mangler, I propose we
> name it the "diabolical splitter" from now on.)

Hmmm, even 'diabolical' doesn't quite seem to capture it.

While the Evil Mangler is Evil, it is not Entirely Evil. We have to ask 
ourselves, what would the world be like without the Evil Mangler? Can 
there be Good without Evil? Would the Noble Code Generator (NCG) still 
be Noble if there were no Evil Mangler?
The Evil Mangler is the kind of Evil that still has honor. Years after 
the forces of Good have finally prevailed, the broken remains of the 
Evil Mangler will still be proudly displayed in the castle's 
repositories, and the descendants of the Knights who overcame It will 
utter Its name with respect for an honoured adversary.
The Satanic Splitter however, or whatever that Nameless Nemesis should 
be called, is an enemy of a different kind. Instead of attacking 
directly and honestly, it relies on treachery to destroy its foes. It 
lurks in the shadow of its big brother, the Evil Mangler, and it seeks 
to make the unsuspecting world believe that it is relatively benign. It 
does nothing that is essential to The Cause, and it tells its 
unsuspecting victims that can say SplitObjs=NO at any time, but when 
they do, it punishes them with multi-megabyte executables. And it 
cannot even do its evil deeds by itself - without the help of a Traitor 
in the code generator who puts "split markers" into the Code, the 
Splitter would be helpless.
And I'm quite convinced that the Splitter's agents infiltrated Apple to 
make sure that the dead-stripping code in Apple's linker runs really 
slow. If Apple's code was efficient, the Splitter would already be 
banished from the Land of Apples.

So go ahead and call the Splitter any bad names you like :-).



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