Kinds in ghc

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Fri Feb 25 08:16:18 EST 2005

Well, it's a bug really, but not one that's easy to fix.  Thanks for
pointing it out; I've added it as a SourceForge bug so we don't forget


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| Hi
| I can report success on compiling latest CVS on Mac OS X including
| stage 2 with ghci support. (greencard does not compile, but that's not
| a problem for ghc to be compiled it seems.)
| Now that I have the compiler up, I notice that types are not reported
| as before. Instead of nice t,t', etc, I get random strings:
| Kind error: Expecting kind `k_a1JA -> k_a1JE -> k_a1JI -> *',
| 		but `DUnit t' has kind `k_a1JA -> k_a1JE -> *'
| Is this a mere debug mode I have enabled by accident (no parameter
| passed to make or configure though), or is this something else?
| P.S. infix type synonyms seems to work well so far!
| Johan Glimming.
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