compiling GHC with a custom path to GCC

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Fri Feb 18 05:41:16 EST 2005

Seth Kurtzberg <seth at> writes:

> Simon, you'll never give up.  The crashes are absolutely repeatable.  
> The fact that I haven't identified a deterministic way to reproduce them 
> does not in any way imply that a deterministic way to reproduce them 
> does not exist.  And, as I've said, you are essentially claiming that a 
> total of over 100 machines all have the same hardware problem, that 
> never ever occurs unless gcc is running.  You know that isn't true.  You 
> can, on the same machines, compile the same code with a different 
> compiler hundreds of times (which I did; I left it running on two 
> machines for a month) without a single problem.  That is a software problem.

OK, calm down.  I, for one, suggested the possibility of a hardware
fault because your original message on the subject of gcc crashes did
not mention the possibility at all, and I thought perhaps it was a
factor you had not considered.  Obviously you have indeed considered it
in quite some detail, and concluded that hardware is not a factor here.
But because we didn't know that, the suggestion was intended to help you
explore new avenues to tracking down the fault, not to annoy you.


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