ghc-cvs-snapshot with wxHaskell

Daan Leijen daan at
Thu Feb 17 08:48:11 EST 2005

Georg Martius wrote:
> Hi,
> Patrick and I found some answers to the questions/problems we encountered.
> Finally got the thing to work. (patches appended)


> I have a possible fix:
>     add -odir out/... to the call of ghc -M. This produces correct paths 
> for the .o files.

Ok, this makes sense and, importantly, it also works for older ghc's

>     use "grep" to filter module A
>     Problem: the .hi files have still the source path.
>     Question @Daan: Why do they have to by in out/...? It seams to 
> complicate the thing.
>     Solution: "sed"
>  I fixed that in "makefile.lib".

I do not understand what you are saying here. Can you explain in more
detail? What is the issue with .hi files?

The files definitely have to go to "out/.." to get everything nicely

Secondly, maybe ghc should not generate the spurious extra rules?
(and generate exactly what it generated at version 6.2.2). What do
you think Simon?

> 2. correct import-search path
> the make file calls ghc from the wxHaskell-root. Therefore 
> -icurrent/source/path has to be included. I fixed that in "makefile".

This is weird. It works with ghc-6.2.2, so there should not be an
extra include path. All files are referenced by absolute paths 
everywhere! (that's why I use sed in the first place to process .d files)

> 3. Package stuff
> I included package files in the new style to the configure script.
> Problem: the environment variable are not substituted any longer by 
> ghc-pkg ?


> My hack: let configure sustitude the variable, i.e.
> configure:750
>> wxhlibdir="${libdir}"


Thanks a lot for you hard work on this!
-- Daan.

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