compiling GHC with a custom path to GCC

Remi Turk rturk at
Thu Feb 17 06:11:56 EST 2005


when compiling the new ghc pre-releases made my gcc 2.95.3 die
with "internal compiler error", I tried to compile it with gcc
3.4.3 (or rather, I thought it compiled with 3.4.1, and when that
died, compiled+installed gcc 3.4.3, tried again, say it die again
and only then noticed it was actually still using 2.95.3 ;) but
had quite some difficulty to actually get it to compile with, in
my case, /usr/local/bin/gcc3

When using the following command-line

CC=gcc3 CXX=g++3 nice ./configure --enable-hopengl --prefix=/var/tmp/ghc --with-gcc=/usr/local/bin/gcc3

stage1 still used gcc 2.95.3 to compile stage2 (okay, for --with-gcc that's documented)

I had to prepend a custom directory with `gcc' a symlink to
`/usr/local/bin/gcc3' to its PATH to be able to compile the thing.

Is there any other/better way?


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