Increasing heap size

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Tue Feb 15 15:11:47 EST 2005


I have problems when building a large haskell system (haskell-jvm bridge).

The compiler complains (see below) that the heap size is too
small and limited to about 268 MB.

$ make
C:/Programme/haskell-jvm-bridge-0.3-RC1/bin/MakeJVMModule HelloWorld_JVM <
Created HelloWorld_JVM.hs
C:/Programme/haskell-jvm-bridge-0.3-RC1/bin/MakeClassModule -import
Header_Java -import Header_JavaX `echo java_lang_System | sed -e 's/_/\./g; s/
Created Class_java_lang_System.hs for classes java.lang.System
ghc -H600M -package javavm -c Class_java_lang_System.hs -o
GHC's heap exhausted: current limit is 268435456 bytes;
Use the `-H<size>' option to increase the total heap size.
make: *** [Class_java_lang_System.o] Error 251

How can I increase the heap size of ghc?

I tried to use option -H600M but then I still get the same error.

Is there any alternative to building this system on a more powerful computer?

Thanks in advance

Dmitri Pissarenko

PS: I'm building this system under Windows using MingW MSYS.
Dmitri Pissarenko
Software Engineer

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