ghc-cvs-snapshot with wxHaskell

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Tue Feb 8 04:54:14 EST 2005

On 07 February 2005 19:28, Patrick Scheibe wrote:

> It seems that there are changes in the OpenGl library during the last
> month. So I decided to load a really young cvs version of the ghc
> (ghc-6.5.20050206-src.tar.bz2). The compilation works fine.
> My Problem is, that I also need the wxHaskell library. This
> compilation fails with the message:
> <wxoutput>
> ghc -c wxdirect/src/Map.hs -o out/wxdirect/Map.o -ohi
> out/wxdirect/Map.hi -odir out/wxdirect/  -package parsec
> -iout/wxdirect 
> sed: kann out/wxdirect/ nicht lesen: Datei oder Verzeichnis
> nicht gefunden
> make: *** [out/wxdirect/Map.o] Fehler 2
> </wxoutput>
> The third line is german and means "sed: unable to read
> out/wxdirect/ File not found".
> This or an almost similar error appears when I use the cvs version of
> wxhaskell.
> I'm also in contact with Daan Leijen, the main developer of wxHaskell.
> He said:
> <daan>
> Darn, it seems that ghc changed its  options or something. My makefile
> generates dependency files (".d" files) using ghc. Since "sed" can't
> find the file, it is either not generated or it is put at the wrong
> directory. Can you look around in your file system if there is a Map.d
> or file somewhere around (maybe ?) I guess it
> is still in the source directory instead of the out/... directory.

Could you tell us what command line was supposed to generate the or Map.d file?  It may be a bug, there were a few changes in
the driver recently.


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