darcs switchover

Sven Panne Sven.Panne at aedion.de
Tue Dec 27 08:53:37 EST 2005

Am Freitag, 16. Dezember 2005 12:20 schrieb Malcolm Wallace:
> I've been looking at the cvs configuration file CVSROOT/modules.
> I /think/ the procedure is something like changing this:
>   nhc98src        -d nhc98               nhc98
>   nhc98libraries  -d nhc98/src/libraries fptools/libraries
>   nhc98           -a nhc98src nhc98libraries
> to this:
>   nhc98src        -d nhc98               nhc98
>   nhc98libraries  -o darcs get --reponame=nhc98/src/libraries \
>                                http://cvs.haskell.org/darcs/libraries
>   nhc98           -a nhc98src nhc98libraries
> and then a fresh cvs checkout of the nhc98 would be required in
> order to pick up the new location.  Has anyone else tried this kind
> of tweak before and confirm that it is likely to work?  If not,
> I might test it out with the smaller cpphs module initially.

As already mentioned on the cvs-all list this morning, this does not 
work... :-(


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