Two issues bulding ghc 6.4.1

Christian Maeder maeder at
Tue Dec 27 07:41:26 EST 2005

Dimitry Golubovsky wrote:
>> 2. Error while assembling (or mangling?) ForeignObj.lhs; fragments of 
>> make output below (long lines wrapped/truncated, the whole file is too 
>> long to post it here but I'll provide it if needed):

Could it be that "sed" chops of some lines and "perl" should be used 
instead? Another problem (I've encountered some times) might be a final 
missing newline.

> This one has been fixed by installing gcc-2.95.2 and building using it.

You seem to have an old system. Why do you not stay with ghc-6.2.2? 
Doesn't a binary ghc-6.4.1 installation work?


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