problem compiling programs with monads with ghc-6.4

Konovalov, Vadim vkonovalov at
Wed Aug 31 06:04:42 EDT 2005

Dear all,

When I compile simple programs with monads, I receive following error:

example18.o(.text+0x2de):fake: undefined reference to
example18.o(.text+0x422):fake: undefined reference to
example18.o(.text+0x16f5):fake: undefined reference to
example18.o(.data+0xa8):fake: undefined reference to
example18.o(.data+0xe8):fake: undefined reference to

When I do 
ghc E:\apps\ghc-6.4\libHSmtl.a -o example18.exe example18.hs
all is fine.

For some reasons, libHSmtl.a is not seen by default.

What I am missing?

I feel this is configuration problem, but I afraid editing "package.conf" or
alike, because I'll probably make situation worse.


Best regards,

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