"#!..." (Re[2]: cabal configure screw-up)

Seth Kurtzberg seth at cql.com
Mon Aug 29 01:31:49 EDT 2005

Frederik Eaton wrote:

>>But it isn't running "in a unix emulation environment."  cygwin is 
>>simply _not_ such an environment.  The program is started by a different 
>>shell, but that is _not_ an emulation environment.
>Is it an elephant? A tree?
I guess the most accurate way to describe it is that it tries to emulate 
the _development_ environment of UNIX.  It has gnu make and various 
other utilities and shells compiled to run under win32.  So you can 
build things that rely on shell scripts, because the shell scripts are 
executed by either (1) a shell, which knows the conventions about how to 
execute scripts or (2) the make utility, which similarly has been forced 
to behave such that makefiles that rely on scripting still work.

This does not, unfortunately, extend to the run time environment.  
That's why I said it isn't an emulation environment.  A program that is 
executing is not different in any way from any other native win32 
program that is executing.  A program could be set up to check whether 
it was started from a UNIX like shell, by querying it's parent process, 
but obviously this has problems.

O/S functions, such as the ones that allow one process to execute 
another process, are unmodified.  There is no library that intersperses 
itself between the process and the O/S.  So there is really no way to 
change the O/S behavior, specifically with regard to running scripts, 
but more generally in any way.


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